• Why choosing an apartment over Hotel

    You have been planning for that vacay for a while now, sacrificed a few turn ups to save every penny so as to make it worthwhile. Well, I’m here to iron out a little (not) detail which will wholesomely impact your experience. People travelling for work you’re also welcome to gather around, this will make work a lot easier for you and you can er…you know, save a lot on that per diem.
    There are many reasons why you should seriously consider staying in an apartment instead of a hotel. I will give you four, the rest you will discover when you finally stay in one.

    You can cook your own meals.
    If you are a native food lover like me, you can seriously agree that one of the great challenges of being away from home is not being able to get well done food, with sugar and spice balanced to your liking. You start missing home almost immediately. That shouldn’t be a worry though if you are in a space which will allow you to cook your own meals. Of course cooking is also way cheaper than buying food at the restaurant.
    Apartments are normally fitted with kitchens where you can cook or warm your meals at your own convenience as opposed to the typical scheduled meal time in hotels! And since you don’t like washing utensils or cleaning the floor (trust me, I know the struggle), don’t worry, proceed with your business. That will be done for you; just don’t create a huge mess!

    You can have visitors and still maintain your Privacy
    The thing about a hotel room is that your bedroom, kitchen, living room and what have you are all bundled into one. Woe into you if you want to invite someone in and your belongings are all over the place. An apartment however provides a separate living room away from the bedroom, you know, like home. You can invite your friends, relatives or colleagues in without having your privacy invaded.
    There’s enough space to have a chilled hang out, play games, gossip, strike a deal (tenderpreneurs we got you) catch up in a quiet uninterrupted manner or engage in a work discussion. You have your own television and can change channels as you please especially if you want to catch up on the latest politics shenanigans. “Drinks from outside are ALLOWED”, how better can it get than that?

    You can work without distraction
    That moment when you’re digging your head deep into work that you ever forget to breath, the last thing you want is a “room service knock” on your door. It ejects you from very important undertaking and transfers you back to reality. Not cool! An apartment provides a serene and totally private environment to beat your work deadline. The internet is very fast, since there are not so many of you around to overload it like some places we know.
    If you’re the kind that gets tempted by your bed to take several naps a day, you’re definitely not at risk of not finishing your work. Why? Refer to point two above. Yap! Your living room can serve as a makeshift office. With no bed in sight, your temptation to sleep reduces by more than half. You can comfortably use all your office tools, no ink will be spilt on white bedsheets.

    You can accommodate an extra person
    I don’t know about you but I totally hate sharing my bed(I hope my partner never reads this). Having someone else rolling and turning; foraying into your space ruins a good night’s sleep. This doesn’t have to be the case though, because in an apartment you can have an extra bed (sometimes even other extra rooms depending with the size) at no extra cost. You can comfortably accommodate a friend or relative and everyone will have their own space.

    If you are travelling on budget in a group of two or more people and you wouldn’t mind staying together then an apartment is the place for you to be. You will cook together, share the living room and sleep in your own separate space. You know where else that happens? Home. I know I’m using many words just to explain that an apartment strives to provide for you a home away from home. Totally worth a try and we are looking forward to hosting you soon. Xo Xo!


    Back in primary school  I used to be the cool kid who knew all the cool stuff, ate cool food and even breathed cool air. There’s only one little problem; I had never been to Mombasa. So when the social studies teacher asked me about Mombasa, I lied in a desperate attempt to maintain my cool status. I was hoping the little knowledge I had gathered from my cousin Edna about Mombasa would be enough to give a vivid description of the city disguised as my own recollection. As you all know though, Lucifer never sleeps and on that day he set to destroy a good child’s cool status. The teacher asked about the location of the famous tusks; are they at the entrance of Mombasa or elsewhere in the city. See up to this day, the tusks have always been used to give Mombasa a unique identity. Despite being a coastal city, somehow the tusks have always been used to set apart the city. That’s why you can’t blame my imagination when I confidently shouted that they’re located at the entrance. Neither Edna nor I had a slightest clue of the existence of a “Moi Avenue” where the tusks could have been probably located. Let’s just say I gave up being cool ever since.

    Good news is I finally travelled to Mombasa and have done several trips over the years. The better news is I have indulged in all the 6 activities recommended below, I promise to get it right this time and redeem myself from the embarrassment suffered several years ago.

    1.    Haller Park

    Famous for Owen and Mzee; a beautiful friendship between a tortoise and a hippo, Haller Park is a rehabilitated nature park located in Bamburi Mombasa. It is named after its founder Rene Haller, a Swiss naturalist committed to restoring the environment. The land was wasted due to limestone mining by Bamburi cement  and Haller was able to transform it into a breathtaking  beauty. It has a variety of animals including Elands, Oryx, giraffes, zebras, buffalos, monkeys and crocodiles. It also has different species of plants and birds.

    It’s a perfect place to go for nature walks, cycling and have a close look and interaction with the animals, and for family picnics. It has beautiful sceneries which can be ideal for photo shoots.  It’s normally open every day so you have absolutely no excuse why you should not drop by.

    1.    Snorkeling

    Snorkeling is a kind of swimming down deep into the ocean where the waters are very clear so as to observe the underwater with the aid of a diving mask, swim fins and snorkel (breathing tube).  Anybody including amateur swimmers and children can take part in snorkeling as it does not need much expertise.  You’re able to float effortlessly on the surface hence won’t disturb the aquatic creatures. Your eyes will be treated to an incredible view of different types of ocean creates.

    You will sail from the shore in a glass bottom motorized boat which in itself is gratifying experience. If you’re lucky, dolphins might decide to join you and spice up the excursion. It’s time for you to ditch the swimming pool and try something better. Surely you didn’t come all the way so you can waste all your time in the pool taking selfies. Also, snorkeling has been termed as mini “scuba diving”. If you have always wanted to scuba dive but you’re not experienced or can’t afford then snorkeling will take you much closer.

    CAUTION: make sure to be accompanied by a lifeguard who should be on standby (inside the ocean) throughout.

    1.    Wild Waters

    This is a water park located in Nyali Mombasa, uniquely known for its water slides. It provides a comprehensive family entertainment comprised of various activities including slides (for both kids and adults), air rides, bumper cars, lazy river, a rain-dance disco arena and a water play station.

    If you’re travelling with children, it’s an ideal place to keep your young ones occupied the whole day since they offer catering services as well. Even as an adult, it’s a perfect place to relive and reminiscence the good old days when you were young and didn’t have to worry about adult responsibilities like paying bills.

    1.    Dhow ride dinner

    What on earth could be better than a hot sumptuous seafood made with a coastal touch on cool evening? Having it in the middle of Indian Ocean! The dhows most of them formerly used for commercial trade have been refurbished and transformed into floating restaurants.

    You will be picked just as the sun is about to set so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset onboard. Normally you will be served with a delicious complimentary non-alcoholic cocktail to welcome you.  You will then sail under the Nyali bridge before the dhow is anchored in deep waters. A live band will keep you entertained with songs requested by you. A four course meal cooked on board will be served and the evening will be crowned with dance and coffee as you sail back.

    If you’re looking to treat your significant other (or even propose), your best friend or close relative, this is a guaranteed lifetime experience.  The excursion can cost up to kshs 5,000 per person so you might want to plan and save for it in advance especially if you’re on budget.

    1.    Fort Jesus

    Besides the tusks, the one other thing Mombasa is famously known for is Fort Jesus.  Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century to the design of an Italian, it was built to guard the Old Port of Mombasa. The Portuguese later lost it to the British colonies that used it as a prison in 1895. It bears witness of a successful attempt by the West to control trade routes at the Indian Ocean. Its physical appearance in structure and transformation indicate the different cultures; African, European and Arab, all who sort to have control of the Port.

    The port was strategically positioned to be able to detect approaching ships and determine whether they posed any dangers. It has a collection of artifacts from the time it was built to date making it an incredibly unique attraction. Fort Jesus offers a beautiful insight into Mombasa’s history.

    A walk in Old Town would be fantastic! Get amused by the cool architecture and rich history about Old town, there are a lot of souvenir shops for you to keep the memories alive or walk in to some of the beauty parlors for henna art!

    1.    Likoni Ferry

    For some reason the Likoni ferry gives me the impression of Noah’s ark. If the ferry was enclosed or the ark open, they would bear a striking resemblance. Located across the Kilindini harbor, Likoni Ferry is a mega boat service providing transport to and fro the Mombasa Island to the Likoni Mainland.

    Everything gets in, and by everything I mean you, your Subaru, your animals, your luggage, your tuktuk, your blesser, your MCA… you name them, hence my likening to the ark. Passengers cross for free while automobiles pay a ferry toll. If you have never used a ferry, it would be a good opportunity to experience the other side of Mombasa and how locals live.